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Tairora AX

Papua New Guinea




PRODUCER Nichol Colbran, Baroida Planation
REGION Tairora, Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea
VARIETY Arusha and Mondo Nova
ALTITUDE 1737 meters
TASTES LIKE Baker's chocolate, hazelnut, creamy body
SIZE 12 ounces whole bean

Roasted one business day after order.

Located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Tairora sits roughly 25 kilometressoutheast of the missionary station Ukarumpa; near to the Aiyura valley. Tairora AX isprocessed at the Baroida Plantation, founded by Ben Colbran in the early 1960s. Having beenhanded down three generations, the Baroida Plantation is still managed by the Colbran familyto this day. This particular lot was created by Chris Colbran via the partnership between the Baroida Estateand its surrounding smallholder communities.

Following PNG’s successful bid for independence in 1975, many plantations were divided intosmaller coffee farms as part of the wider land reforms. This means today, many producer’sfarms are small scale; with most totalling less than one hectare. As well as coffee, manyproducers grow other crops such as plantain, bananas, yams, sweet potato, cabbage and othertraditional foods. Although a large variety of other produce is grown, coffee cultivation is oftenthe sole means of income; with all other fruits and vegetables grown for personal consumption.This makes coffee for many farmers in PNG an important cash crop.

Because of this, in 2005 Chris formed the Tairora and Lamari coffee supply networks; helpingto support local farmers by improving infrastructure, pricing and traceability in the local coffeetrade. After a successful first five years helping small-hold farmers supply their coffee toexporters, in 2010, the Colbran’s decided to begin processing and exporting their own coffee;turning the Baroida Plantation into a central washing station.