Santa Isabel





PRODUCER Luis and Luis "Wicho" Valdes
REGION Coban, Guatemala
VARIETY Caturra and Catuai
ALTITUDE 1400–1500 meters
TASTES LIKE Milk chocolate, apricot, velvet
SIZE 12 ounces
PAIR WITH Reading a crime novel in the ante meridiem hours

Roasted one business day after order.

Coban, Guatemala is a truly unique region. Associated more with rainforest ecotourism, the slightly more humid climate creates some particular challenges to specialty coffee production. In areas where the soil and elevation are more than ideal for coffee farming, there hadn’t really been anyone willing to attempt to maximize the region’s potential since it was obvious it would take some major innovation.

Their farm is an ingenious wonder and the coffee, year after year, has been a masterpiece in our experience. We always look eagerly to its arrival. Please enjoy this year’s crop with us while it is here!