Santa Clara Gesha Pre-Buy


We taste delicate Carabao mangoes and Swiss chocolate. Roasted every Friday.


Antigua, Guatemala
100% Gesha
ALTITUDE 1750–1850 meters
Carabao mangoes, Swiss chocolate, delicate

7 ounces whole bean. Roasted every Friday.

The coffee is from Ricardo Zelaya, a farmer with whom we've worked before; we've consistently been impressed with Ricardo's lots and we were excited to hear that his experimental Gesha lot was ready for harvest. It will be available just before Thanksgiving. Here's an excerpt from Ricardo's writings:

The seed was a gift from a friend; it was brought from Malawi. This is the reason why our Gesha cup is different from the majority of other Geshas’ grown in Central America. It was an old seed, so it was a bit of a challenge to make it germinate and to raise our nursery. Only 15 plants survived of the 500 that we planted. The survivors are the mother plants of our Gesha plantations. We do not have much yet, one hectare in production and one more we recently just planted.