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Remera Natural





PRODUCER Epiphanie Mukashyaka from Buf: Remera
REGION Between Butare and Cyangugu, Gasaka Sector, Nyamagabe District of Southern Province
VARIETY 100%  Red Bourbon
ALTITUDE 1700–2100 meters
TASTES LIKE Corinthian raisin and cane sugar with a clean finish
SIZE 12 ounces
PAIR WITH Early morning stargazing

Roasted one business day after order.

Our new offering is a pretty exotic one. We were able to lock in a lot of the rare Remera Natural. That is correct. This is a naturally processed coffee from Rwanda. Many of you remember the Washed from last year and obviously we are carrying the Nyarusiza, a washed Rwanda from a sister washing station. This is a pretty interesting offering. It isn't super berry forward but man is it sweet and heavy with some delicate acidity.

You get a mouthful of dried dark fruit and it is hard not to default to raisin, dried fig, or even date. I was able to get a bit of dried blueberry in one cup, though it is really subtle. Just looking at the coffee, you can tell it was really well processed and sorted. Really consistent bean to bean. And I know this is a common thing we say here at Cartel, but it is really clean for a natural!

This 100% Red Bourbon coffee was processed using the natural method at Buf Café’s Remera washing station. Many of Buf’s natural lots are a blend of lots from their three washing stations. However, this special lot was produced entirely at Remera, at 1,935 meters above sea level.