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Providencia Black Honey

El Salvador




Black Honey
PRODUCER Fernando Alfaro & Enrique Gutierrez, Finca La Providencia
REGION Apaneca & Ilamatepec
VARIETY 100% Caturra
ALTITUDE 1100–1300 meters
TASTES LIKE Dried strawberry and butterscotch with a clean finish
SIZE 12 ounces

This is a Cartel Direct Source coffee. Roasted one business day after order.

We have had several coffees from Alfaro and Gutierrez in the past, some washed and some naturals. This, however, is not only the first time we have carried a black honey from them, it is the first time we have ever carried a black honey at all. Honey processing is what is known as a hybrid process, combining elements from washing and natural processing. It’s called honey because the Spanish word for the sticky mucilage (miel) under the cherry’s skin means ‘honey’. In honey processing, this mucilage is left to dry on the coffee bean, producing flavor chemistry that incorporates some of what you would expect from a natural, but more tweakable by using a spectrum. This spectrum goes from white to yellow, red, and black and refers to the amount of miel allowed to remain on the beans during a drying stage. Black honey is as close as you can get to a full natural while still being called a honey. It is so close to the profile, that we are actually featuring it in the natural slot. The typical natural wildness is just slightly tamed, producing a clean yet adventurous expression.