Nyeri Hill


We taste intense blood orange and pomegranate


Nyeri County, Central Kenya
SL28, SL24, Ruiru 11, Batian
ALTITUDE 1600–2200 meters
Intense blood orange and pomegranate


Roasted one business day after order. Shipped via USPS Priority Mail to ensure freshness upon arrival.

Nyeri Hill is a single Kenya farm. This is an important distinction as many Kenya coffees are named for a washing station and are comprised of several regional farms. So we get a fairly unique degree of traceability here.

The Estate is owned and managed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri. It kind of makes me think of how lots of really great beers come from Catholic monasteries. Not that this is a monastery, I just mean it is cool to see how faith and quality often go hand in hand.

Anyway, this farm has an ideal coffee elevation of 1600–2200 meters above sea level, boasts some great post-volcanic soil, and maintains its own wet and dry mill. All of this spells the ability to produce a product with quality at every stage.

I am very proud of this Cartel offering and look forward to tasting it alongside you all for the next several months!