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El Salvador




PRODUCER Mario Acosta, Finca Nazareth
REGION Town of Apaneca, Apaneca-Ilamatepeq Mountain Range
VARIETY 100% Bourbon
ALTITUDE 1350–1450 meters
TASTES LIKE Strawberry, peach, and black tea
SIZE 12 ounces

Roasted one business day after order.

Mario Acosta is a fourth generation coffee farmer from El Salvador and is the proud owner of Finca Nazareth in El Salvador’s famous Ahuachapán region. The farm has been under production since 1908 and straddles the privileged elevation of 1,300 to 1,450 meters above sea level in El Salvador’s protected biosphere of Apaneca-Ilamatepec. It is prime coffee growing territory, evidenced by Mario’s placing in the prestigious Cup of Excellence Competition in 2011.

All coffee is meticulously sorted before being delivered for processing to the nearby Beneficio El Carmen. Fernando Alfaro, the owner of the mill and El Carmen Estate, works with the family to process their coffee to their specifications to assure its quality and consistency. The majority of coffee from Nazareth is fully washed, soaked and pre-dried (though there are also now micolots of semi washed and honey processing) before moving the parchment onto traditional clay patios or raised beds to dry. This particular lot is an exceptional lot of Naturally processed Bourbon cherries. These cherries have been started on raised beds before eventually being moved onto clay patios. The coffee is sun dried and regularly turned until it reaches 12% humidity.