La Martinez Honey





PRODUCER Gildardo Martinez
REGION El Tablón de Gómez, Nariño, Colombia
VARIETY Caturra and Variedad Colombia
ALTITUDE 2100 meters
TASTES LIKE Peach, golden raisin, and honey
SIZE 12 ounces

Roasted one business day after order.

Gildardo Martinez and his family live in the Municipality of Tablon de Gomez, but their true identity lies with the indigenous community of which they are part, which is the Inga. The Inga are located in the towns of Aponte and Paramo, deep in the Juanambú canyon. This group belonged to the northernmost part of the Inca Empire, who colonized the south of Colombia in the late fourteenth century, a bit before the Spanish came. Land here is communal and its population is ruled by a “cabildo”, a group of elders that make sure that their ancestral laws and traditions are upheld.

It is a bit unusual to see honey process coffees from Colombia. We love the way this one showcases both the region and the fruit removal process utilized. Nariño is a favorite region of ours and it is exciting to find coffees, like this one, that originate from such a high elevation there.