Iron Goddess

Wulong Tea




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PROCESS Anxi Wulong
ORIGIN Fujian Province, China
CULTIVAR Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess)
Tea Master Zhang Qing Jian
TASTES LIKE Orchid aroma, light body, delicate plum finish
SIZE 100 g (3.53 oz)

Sourced by Seven Cups in Tucson, Arizona

Tie Guan Yin (铁观音) or “Iron Goddess” is one of the more well known cultivars for wulong (partially oxidized) tea. Traditionally, Iron Goddess is heavily roasted and its dried leaves appear as dark long slivers. Contemporary Iron Goddess is only lightly roasted and oxidized, making for a much greener colored tea.

I suppose you’d consider this to be the tea equivalent of single origin; this Iron Goddess is made only from the original Iron Goddess cultivar and not blended with other local cultivars.

Seven Cups sources this tea directly from Fujian province from the Zhang family, who usually harvests in May, which is considered to be late for most teas. This is due to their higher elevation leading to colder climates, which generally yields less tea. The upside of this remote mountainous region is that it’s untouched and free from pollutants.