Iriguini Peaberry





PRODUCER Iriguini Washing Station, Marumi Farmers' Co-Op
REGION Murang'a, Kenya
VARIETY Ruiru 11, Batiani, and SL-28 varieties; all Peaberry
ALTITUDE 1843 meters
TASTES LIKE Juicy dried fig and red currant
SIZE 12 ounces

Roasted one business day after order.

This was an extremely small lot of peaberry grade coffee produced by the Iriguini Factory in Murang’a, Kenya. Jason and Paul tasted hundreds of different coffees while on their visit, and this was one that stood out for its pronounced acidity and overall sweetness and juiciness. What made it extra special was that they were also able to visit the washing station (they call them factories) that same week.

It was really cool meeting Peter Irungu Kimani, Iriguini Secretary Manager, who taught us all about the challenges of high elevation coffee washing. Fresh water must be mechanically pumped from a river valley 250 meters below the factory. This has inspired them to be as conservative as possible, developing elaborate water recapturing systems.

The great advantage to having a factory at high elevation is the proximity to high elevation farms. There are 450 small farms that contribute to Iriguini. For those who don’t know, peaberry is a classification of a type of coffee bean. Typically coffee cherries produce two seeds, each with a flat side where they were next to each other. A peaberry is formed when only one seed is produced, and does not have a flat side. It is customary in Kenya to sort out peaberries and build separate lots with them.