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Iriguini AA





PRODUCER Iriguini Factory, owned by the Marumi Farmers’ Co-op
REGION Murang’a, Kenya
VARIETY Ruiru 11, Batiani, and SL-28
ALTITUDE 1843 meters
TASTES LIKE Bright lime, tart cherry, and cane sugar
SIZE 12 ounces

Roasted one business day after order.

This is one of the coffees Jason Silberschlag and I (Paul Haworth) discovered while on our trip to Kenya in early 2018. We tasted it at the dealer’s cupping lab on Monday (I put two big stars by it in my notebook), had the dealer put in a bid on Tuesday, and were thrilled to be able to pay a visit to the washing station on Thursday! The factory (what they call washing stations in Kenya) was not doing any processing while we were there, but we got to spend time with Peter Irungu Kimani, the Secretary Manager of Iriguini.