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Inzá Cauca





PRODUCER 52 Smallholder farms, ASORCAFE
REGION Inzá Cauca, Colombia
VARIETY Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
ALTITUDE 1500–2000 meters
TASTES LIKE Molasses and stone fruit with a clean finish
SIZE 12 ounces

Roasted one business day after order.

Coffee associations in Colombia are really helpful for small family farms who have learned that they are stronger working together. The Inzá Cauca lot is a larger lot that combines coffees from around 450 farms in various quantities to produce a consistent representation of the region.

This lot is comprised of around 70 percent Caturra and 30 percent Colombia and Castillo varieties. The Inzá Cauca always cups super solid, with lots of big malic notes and some good cocoa. We love it as a single origin espresso, a filter option, and a cold brew. It is literally a coffee that works for everything.

We appreciate all the hard work that has been done by Pedro Echavarria of Pergamino. Based in Medellin, Colombia, he works tirelessly to advocate for these smaller, quality focused farms and associations. He is the reason we know about this coffee and many of the others we source from Colombia. One of his main tasks has been to encourage the use of true, fermentation-based washing at farms with great potential. Historically, much of the dynamic fruitiness would be lost since farmers were encouraged to cut corners by mechanically removing pulp instead of allowing microbial magic to take place over time. Taste the rainbow! We love being a part of progress like this.