Flor Penna





PRODUCER Flor Penna of Villa Hermosa
REGION Pedregal, Inzá, Cauca, Colombia
VARIETY Red & Yellow Colombia
ALTITUDE 1750 meters
TASTES LIKE Citrus zest, vanilla bean, and fruit punch
SIZE 12 ounces whole bean

Roasted one business day after order.

This microlot was produced and processed by Flor Penna, a smallholder member of the ASORCAFE - Inzá, Cauca producer group. Produced at 1,700 metres above sea level, this very special lot was selected out from the rest of the organization’s producers as being of exceptional quality.

Lots scoring 85 points or more are reserved for the Inzá, Cauca lot offered by Mercanta. However, encouraged by their partners in Colombia, Santa Barbara Estates, the group has also begun to reserve those lots that cup even higher than 85 points or that demonstrate exceptional or unique qualities. These stringent standards result in identifying very small, very special microlots, such as this one, being made available for export.

Cartel loves to showcase these kinds of stories, where perfect conditions are crossed with a willingness to innovate. In contrast to the Colombian default of mechanical demucilaging, Flor Penna’s coffee is truly washed with a full 36 hour fermentation period and the use of parabolic drying beds.