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Familia Gomez





PRODUCER Finca La Argentina, Gomez Family
REGION Town of Inzá, Cauca Department
VARIETY 100% Caturra
ALTITUDE 1990 meters
TASTES LIKE Asian pear, oolong tea, and candy
SIZE 12 ounces whole bean

Roasted one business day after order.

I fell in love with this farm at first sight. The family greeted us with generous smiles and a lovely rustic meal that only added to the overwhelming beauty of the land. Situated on a scenic ridgeline in Cauca, Colombia, I had one of those moments when I had to just give up trying to capture it with my camera and allow it to affect me directly. After the meal, we were brought cups of delicious coffee served in sturdy earthenware as the sun began to set behind the impossibly steep hills.

On the second visit, we were able to give the family a check from a bit of profit sharing we did during the week of national coffee day that year. Doña Isuara, the Gomez matriarch, was in tears as she explained how she would use the money to make her kitchen safer for her lungs through proper ventilation and better appliances. Since then, I have wanted to always find a place for her coffee each year and we look forward to doing more profit sharing with them when possible.

—Paul Haworth, Green Buyer