El Carmen

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PRODUCER The Alfaro Family
REGION Apaneca-Ilamatepec, Ahuachapán
VARIETY 100% Red Bourbon
ALTITUDE 1300 meters
WE TASTE Black tea, clementine, and toffee
PACKAGE 12 oz, 2 lb, or 5 lb whole bean

El Carmen is a classic we continuously bring back not only for its delectability, but because the Alfaro family creates spectacular coffees we're proud to share.

El Carmen is a well-run estate, managed with a sharp focus on detail to maintain the identity of each lot from the moment its coffee cherries are harvested until the point the green beans are ready to be exported. The estate’s coffee is produced under about 60% shade cover, which is required for even ripening. Before a rainy season, shade trees are trimmed to about 40% shade cover to allow the proper amount of light for growth.

Red and orange Bourbon cherries are hand-selected once they're ripe and de-pulped that same day, then processed separately. From there, the beans are fermented, washed in spring water, sun-dried on clay patios, and then stored in wooden silos for a minimum of 60 days to help maintain freshness. Following this process, the beans are prepared and all defects are removed.

Our team tasted notes of black tea, clementine, and toffee; a great flavor profile to welcome the new season.