Decaf Mexico Chiapas


Peach acidity and vanilla sweetness with a creamy body


Mountain Water Process
Chiapas, Mexico
ALTITUDE 1200–1400 meters
Peach acidity and vanilla sweetness with a creamy body

12 ounces whole bean. Roasted one business day after order.

This coffee underwent decaffeination at the Mountain Water facility in Veracruz, Mexico. This unique non-chemical decaffeination process uses the clear pure waters from the highest mountain in Mexico, Pico de Orizaba (known as Citlatepetl in the indigenous language) to gently remove the caffeine from the green beans.

The process works by immersing the green beans in water in order to extract the caffeine content. The water preserves the soluble flavor components of the green beans and this protects the original characteristics of the coffee.

In order to remove the caffeine from the water containing these soluble flavor elements, the water is passed through a filtration system. This produces a solution comprising the mountain water and the soluble coffee flavors, now free from caffeine. The resulting green coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free. The beans are then dried to the required moisture content prior to export.

The Mountain Water Process is patented and is also organically certified in accordance with the regulations of OCIA, NOP and JAS. It is also Kosher certified.