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China Alta


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PROCESS Fully Washed
PRODUCER Multiple smallholder farmers
REGION China Alta, Ibagué, Tolima
VARIETY Caturra, Colombia & Castillo
ALTITUDE 1800-2000 meters
TASTES LIKE Butterscotch, Maple Candy, and Apple
PACKAGE 12 oz or 2 lb whole bean

This unique coffee is made up from top lots near the town of China Alta; around 15km as the crow flies from the capital of Tolima, Ibagué. Tolima has historically been difficult to traverse. In recent years, the area was heavily infiltrated by the Colombian leftist army, the FARC. FARC presence contributed to the region’s isolation and gave the area a reputation of being unsafe and violent. Only since approximately 2012, as the Colombian government maintains peace talks with the rebels, has it been safe enough to travel to the district.

Coffee is the leading agricultural activity in the region, followed by the production of beans and the raising of cattle. These small scale farming activities provide the largest percentage of employment by a significant margin. The importance of coffee to the local economy and livelihoods cannot be overstated.