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Kalico Mama


$23.00 - $52.75



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PRODUCER Kalico, delivering to Buthinda Washing Station
REGION Kirundo and Muyinga Provinces
ALTITUDE 1700 meters
TASTES LIKE Papaya, cinnamon, dried cranberries
PACKAGE 12 oz or 2 lb whole bean

This coffee was a no-brainer for the Production Team. First, we tasted samples from a small bag just labeled “Burundi.” It hit all the marks of a great high-end washed offering. It has a deep fruity acidity and is somehow both balanced and complex at the same time. Our excitement only grew as we dug into the details behind this coffee. It comes from a women led cooperative called Kalico that uplifts their producers and gives back to their community.

Angele Ciza, the co-founder of @kalicocoffee, one of our producer partners in Burundi, is a queen in coffee. In 2018, Angele partnered with Atlas Coffee Importers to launch "Kalico Mama", a women-produced coffee. Angele shares, "This coffee comes from female farmers (widows, single mothers, and other women). We operate this coffee separately to other coffees delivered to the washing station. The concept behind the new brand is to promote women in the coffee industry, starting from empowering women producers as well as disabled women."