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Black Market Double Star Decaf


Decaf coffee is tough. Caffeine is locked up tight in the bean and so getting it out is always a challenge. From the start, we have been 100% committed to chemical-free decaffeination at Cartel. This is the first time we've ever carried a Swiss Water Decaf coffee, and it's been one of the best decaf coffees we've tried (seriously).


We tasted this lot and knew immediately that it would be crazy popular. It’s kind of unbelievable and we aren’t just saying that. As we thought it through, we realized that our decaf concept was already being sourced and sold like a Black Market type of product. Decaf customers want something that is high quality, ethically sourced, but not necessarily changing all of the time. And so, Black Market Decaf was born! Even if you have never had a decaf you have liked, you need to give it a try.



$102.00 - $17.00