Atitlan San Pedro Honey

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PROCESS Honey processed, depulped and immediately dried on raised screens in the sun
PRODUCER Producers from San Pedro La Laguna organized around Unitrade
REGION San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala
VARIETY Bourbon, Pache, Typica, and Villa Sarchi
ALTITUDE 1500–1800 meters
Cherry cordial, vanilla, velvety finish
PACKAGE 12 oz, 2 lb, or 5 lb whole bean

Atitlan is a honey processed coffee. Put in simple terms, the honey process refers to a semi-washed process, commonly found now in Central America. There are quite a few methods that a producer could use to achieve the trademark body and acidity of a honey washed coffee. At this particular mill the coffee was mechanically depulped and sundried on raised screen beds. 

Despite the name, absolutely no honey is used in a honey processed coffee. This coffee processing method is named after the sticky mucilage of the coffee fruit, which in Spanish is called the miel (honey) of the fruit.