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30 Jul

The different methods of processing

Paul Haworth

The coffee bean is the seed of a coffee cherry.  Think of it like a normal cherry with a pit.  Two “beans” grow inside of the coffee cherry. In order to access the bean in the way that it is roasted and served, the coffee cherry must go through a process of stripping off fruit. 

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20 Jul

Bite features Cartel in editorial piece "The New Grind"

Paul Haworth

We began as a small coffee shop and roastery on the corner of Ash Ave. in Tempe, AZ. Over these past seven years, we've grown to six stores statewide – four in Phoenix, two in Tucson. During that time, we've also witnessed the speciality coffee scene in Arizona grow and cultivate with us.

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08 Jul

What's up with cupping?

Jeff Yang

Maybe you’ve heard about a coffee tasting ritual called ‘cupping’. If you haven’t, it’s the traditional way that coffees are scrutinized side-by-side when buying decisions are made.

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