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07 May

#carteldirectsource: Juan Diego & Finca El Culpan

Paul Haworth

Juan Diego, along with his family, owns and operates the magnificent estate, Finca El Culpan. I felt an instant kinship with him after learning that he attended Arizona State University in Tempe—a few blocks from both my home and Cartel’s roastery!

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24 Apr

Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Island Region

Cartel Staff

Importers with quality driven buying power, like Mercanta and Cafe Imports, encourage a trend in transparency in cultivation and production. Establishment of estates and processing facilities, especially in the Eastern Highlands comes primarily from foreign investors who invest in equipment and land that then produces high quality product that the investor can utilize. This type of international investment has provided some regions with an advantage, especially in  “underdeveloped” areas. 

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