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08 Jul

What's up with cupping?

Paul Haworth

Maybe you’ve heard about a coffee tasting ritual called ‘cupping’. If you haven’t, it’s the traditional way that coffees are scrutinized side-by-side when buying decisions are made.

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30 Jun

Navigating a speciality coffee shop

Cartel Staff

Summer has set in and many of us either travel or have more time to spend indoors.  When it comes to coffee, many of us in the industry have a good idea of where to look, what to look for, and what questions to ask. Although, for most people, specialty shops can be confusing, overwhelming or strange. This is not to say they aren’t that way, but here are some tips for how to navigate specialty coffee shops.

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24 Jun

Roasting for fidelity

Paul Haworth

My dad was a broadcast engineer for 40 years. Today, his workshop looks exactly the same as it always has. There are homemade oscillators plugged into cathode ray scopes, various tube type radios stacked in columns, and tiny electronic components littering every square inch of desk space. He may be retired, but he is still building and researching with the same passion that got him started in radio as a teenager.

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