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16 Jun

Cartel goes nuts for almond milk

Cartel Staff

Our customers have been clamoring for an alternative to our dairy and soy milk since we can remember. The day has come for you nut-milk-loving customers. We're officially introducing Pacific Almond Milk to our menu – this time for good.

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10 Jun

Crafting with conviction

Paul Haworth

When I was a teenager, I wanted to understand how to actually play chess. What I mean is, I wanted to learn how people were able to see into the future 4 or 5 moves with all the different iterations. I didn’t ever quite get the hang of the prognostication, but I learned some valuable things nonetheless. One simple lesson from these days stuck with me, informing a lot of my life decisions including, of course, how I roast coffee.

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26 May

Tasting, Palate Development, and ways to compare coffee

Cartel Staff

As coffee professionals, we tend to have more developed palates — therefore different preference in flavor profile. As a coffee consumer, you might not have the same access to drinking single origin coffees side by side. Something a barista might prefer could seem sour and not reminiscent of the full bodied cup you are looking for. To bring some context to what a coffee professional defines as a flavor profile, it is important to break down the barrier of words. 

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