22 Nov

Bringing Back the Carmen

El Carmen lies in the heart of El Salvador’s main ‘protected highway’ of forest, a part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor System that stretches all the way from Mexico down to Panama. In El Salvador, where more than 80% of the country’s coffee is produced under shade, this eco-system is based mainly in the coffee forest.

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02 Mar

The Importance of Water

You can’t make great coffee without good water. What makes water good? Well there are actually a couple of things to consider. I won't get too technical here, but I really want you to understand some of the basics that can help you feel empowered to make your best cup each day.

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04 Sep

The Cartel Cold Brew Skinny

If you are like me, you find cold brewed Cartel coffee to be one of a kind. There really isn’t anything else that simultaneously quenches the thirst and re-energizes in such a delicious way. If you’re curious about what makes our cold brew unique, keep reading.

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12 Aug

Great resources for coffee beginners

James Hoffman is a seasoned coffee professional.  From theorist to barista, he has spent years developing thoughts and opinions, testing them with conversation and practical analysis.

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30 Jul

The different methods of processing

The coffee bean is the seed of a coffee cherry.  Think of it like a normal cherry with a pit.  Two “beans” grow inside of the coffee cherry. In order to access the bean in the way that it is roasted and served, the coffee cherry must go through a process of stripping off fruit. 

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