New Colombian Coffee — Pascual

Available in our cafés and online store is yet another Colombia — the naturally processed Pascual. Finca San Pascual is a small farm located between 1500 and 1800 meters above sea level in Antioquia, Colombia. The name actually comes from the farm mule, Pascual, who acts as a sort of mascot. The coffee grown here consists of Colombia, Castillo, Bourbon, Typica, and Tabi. The innovative Pedro Echavarria and family, who own San Pascual, have been performing processing experiments onsite in recent years.

This lot of naturally processed coffee is a total win. Colombia isn’t necessarily known for naturals, which is one thing that makes this such an exceptional find. It is not just unique, it is exquisite.

We taste: apricot, demerara, and a velvety finish.

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