New Colombian Coffee — Familia Gomez

Available in our cafés and online store is new a Colombia — the washed Familia Gomez. Another gem from Colombia’s Cauca region, this offering of 100 percent Caturra was grown at 1990 meters above sea level. This small lot comes from a handful of farms all owned by the members of one humble family. They are all neighboring farms which, when combined, are able to produce about the perfect amount of coffee for one of Cartel’s microlot offerings. Familia Gomez’ lot of specialty grade coffee is a prime example of the potential still somewhat untapped in Colombia. Cauca, in particular, is a region where guerrilla activity had historically impeded awareness. We are all grateful this turmoil has declined significantly. What is good for the people is good for their coffee! 

We taste: pomegranate, walnut, and profound complexity.