Downtown Devil features our partnership with Kaleidoscope

It’s been a month since we welcomed Kaleidoscope Juice into our 1st Street space. We’ve really enjoyed introducing our customers to the great things that Kaleidoscope does –– organic cold-pressed juice and “high-vibe” food, as they like to say.

The word has gotten out about our partnership, which has been a real pleasure, as the Downtown Devil reported Wednesday.

Here’s an excerpt from that story, which highlights the beauty of our partnership with the Scottsdale-based juice company. 

Alexandra Maw, a student at Arizona State University and co-owner of Kaleidoscope Juice, said she is excited to share her new location with her friends at Cartel.

“They’re such a great company, and it’s nice for two small local businesses to partner together,” Maw said. “I can’t say enough good things about them. The transition has been so smooth and they are the kindest, nicest people.”

Amanda Cohen, manager of the downtown Cartel location, said the two businesses “complement each other really well,” adding that having the two businesses in the same space is like “hitting the jackpot.”

Maw said the two companies specialize in different things, so it creates a “vibe” that makes her happy.

Kaleidoscope Juice downtown manager Rachel Sedgwick said she has been trying to treat the Cartel workers well and be a good neighbor by giving them free samples and drinks.

“We promote them and they promote us,” she said. “I try to learn about Cartel, and they’ve all been really great. They’re all hard workers and they’re good at their jobs.”

Sedgwick said she has noticed the Kaleidoscope Juice customers growing as a result of the Cartel partnership.

Kaleidoscope shares hours with us at our 1st Street location, being open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Find us at 1 N. 1st Street in downtown Phoenix.