Great Coffee Brewed Anywhere

March 13, 2020
Jeff Yang

Coffee during travels doesn't need to be a compromise. We put our most approachable coffee in an easy to carry Pour Over Kit, available on our online store. It's ground, nitrogen flushed, and ready to brew; all you need is hot water. You can use it inflight, at camp, or during other coffee-scarce emergencies.

We're obsessed with it because we use it ourselves while we travel. You'd be surprised by the availability of great coffee when you go on coffee sourcing trips to origin; this has solved all of our woes. No more trying to fit a whole grinder in your luggage. No more settling for instant coffee—there's actual brewing happening here. The only part we've left to you is deciding on when and where. Oh, and maybe procuring hot water. But we think you're crafty enough to handle that part.