Cartel introduces New Mexican coffee, LDC Chiapas

Coming this week to our cafés and our online store is a washed Mexican coffee, LDC Chiapas.

Mexican coffees represent some of the world’s least realized coffee potential. Many regions will share terroir and climate characteristics with neighboring Guatemala, but lack infrastructure and, therefore, reputation for quality. Las Delicias is a community of 21 farms from around the town of La Independencia in Chiapas, Mexico with a desire to see that change.

The community is a sub-organization of the E-café cooperative, a faith-based social enterprise seeking to unlock the potential of all the coffee producing regions of Chiapas—Mexico’s most poverty stricken state. The efforts are two-fold: improving the quality of the coffee produced there and improving the lives of its producers. Cartel is proud to be a partner in this venture by featuring this manifestation of both goals!

We taste milk chocolate and butterscotch with a silky body.