Cartel introduces a Peru and two Salvador coffees

Available in our cafés and online store is a washed Peru, the San Ignacio, and two #carteldirectsource coffees: a washed Salvador, the Santa Rita, and a honey process Salvador, the Providencia.



This washed coffee is the product of the Cooperativa Agraria de Servicios Multiples “Union Y Fe” La Coipa (The Agrarian Cooperative of Multiple Services “Union of Faith” in La Coipa). The San Ignacio lot consists of Caturra, Catimor, Paché, and Typica coffees sourced from 26 different smallholder farms situated between 1500 and 2000 meters above sea level in the region of Cajamarca, Peru. All coffees contributing to this lot were certified by the USA National Organic Program to have been farmed and processed organically.

We taste: dark cherry, baker's chocolate, and a buttery body.



The Santa Rita coffee farm, owned by Mauricio Escalon, is located in the region of Sonsonate, El Salvador between the altitude range of 1400 to 1900 meters above sea level. This washed offering consists of 100 percent Pacas variety Arabica beans. Mauricio maintains total creative control over his production as he not only grows the coffee but also owns his own wet mill where his coffees are processed. The result is a vertically integrated showcasing of the potential of El Salvador specialty coffee.

We taste: butterscotch, red apple, and tamarind.



Providencia is a farm that is owned and maintained by Fernando Alfaro and Enrique Gutierrez at 1100-1300 meters above sea level in Ilamatepec, El Salvador. The red and yellow caturra varieties grown here are processed using the ‘honey’ method which allows part of the coffee fruit to dry on the bean before it is removed. The drying takes place on beds positioned right atop a tree-shaded mountain ridge, where winds gently circulate air that is just the right temperature for the process.

We taste: a spicy molasses body, gentle citrus, and spearmint