All of our coffees have names. Where do these names come from?

We don’t just taste a coffee and arbitrarily decide what we think it should be called, employing some kind of marketing thrust to capture the attention of customers. On the contrary, we do our best to honor our coffee producers by letting them name their coffees. Sometimes, that name is simply the name of a farm. Other times, it is a specific microlot or tablon of the farm that they separate from the rest. In a few cases, small-holder cooperatives are the mainstay and it would be impossible to list all of the dozens of farms involved.

Whenever possible, we will put the name of the producer on the bag as well. We enjoy giving our customers a window into the grand narrative of coffee craft and want them to connect to the individuals at origin as much as the barista at the counter.

Whenever we are able to travel to these farms we will also include a hashtag on the bag to allow our customers to see pictures of the respective coffee's setting.

Relationship is really important to us and we love being able to feature coffees produced by the various members of our extended coffee family year after year.