Great coffee for your friends and family: introducing Cartel gift cards

This month, we're excited to introduce all-new and improved gift cards to our customers. These things are swipe-able, trackable, refillable, and most importantly – gift-able. They're the size and thickness of any other card you currently carry in your wallet and boast a beautiful new design on the front.

Gift cards start at $10 and can be purchased in any greater increment at any of our six Arizona locations. We're also now accepting the cards at all of our locations as well.*

What happens to my old Cartel paper gift cards?

We're still accepting those through the end of 2015. Make sure to swing by our stores and use 'em up before then!

What if I'm giving a gift card to someone new to coffee?

Cartel baristas are here to help. We encourage you to point your giftee to one of our locations and talk with a barista one-on-one. You can also point them to our Resources and Blog sections of our website for more in-depth knowledge.

*Please note: Cartel gift cards are not redeemable online.